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H&S 11377(a) – Personal Possession of Drugs

Personal Drug Possession

An experienced Attorney from Serafano & Snyder LLP can help guide a person accused of a crime through the criminal process and obtain the best possible resolution that may include a dismissal, probation, or a plea agreement.

Proposition 47 has changed the penalties for simple personal possession of a controlled substance (Health and Safety (H&S) Code 11377(a)).  What used to be charged as a felony is now charged as a misdemeanor.  In Orange County California, the Orange County District Attorney’s (OCDA) Office is offering DDDD (Deferred Dismissal Drug Program).  It is an opportunity for first time offenders to avoid a conviction.  The accused must complete a 6 hour class that costs approximately $260 plus a $75 administrative fee.  The OCDA also requires a DNA sample that is collected with a cheek swab.  The DNA collection fee is approximately $75.

If the class and DNA sample have been completed within ninety days and there have been no new violations, the OCDA’s office will move to dismiss the charge.  Please contact our office to help you with your specific matter.

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